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Ribbing the Cuff
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Thanks again for the compliments!

KathD- All I did is hold one strand of wool and one strand of fun fur together and knit the cuff. The pattern tells you how far to knit with both strands and then you just cut the fun fur strand and continue knitting with just the wool. The only different thing in the pattern is that the cast on is done with two strands of wool. After making the mittens I see that having that extra strand of wool in the cast on makes the end of the mitten a little more substantial. I think it would feel kind of flimsy without the double strand in the cast on. I also thought that the fun fur might kind of hang out funny after the wool was felted since obviously it won't shrink with the wool, but it doesn't. The shrinking wool just kind of cinched that fun fur in there nice and tight. I knitted clear to the last decrease row on 12" circular needles and just had to use dpn for the thumb and the very tip of the mitty- making them pretty quick even for a beginner like myself! The book is by Bev Galeskas or however you spell her name- I think she is the Fibertrends lady.
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