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Argg! The agony of drop spindles
Okay, I studied the videos, I made a drop spindle, I went the my LYS and bought a bottom whorl drop spindle (just in case) and some roving. I now have little piles of slag everywhere in the house. Here are a couple of my frustrations that hopefully someone can clear up:

1. Should you have a thinner piece of roving for thinner yarns or is it all about the pull? I am having trouble getting it to pull evenly i.e having a dependable draft zone. It seems like some of the staple is parallel and some of it isn't (think of they way bricks are laid) so sometimes I am pulling from far up on the roving and sometimes it is really close-am I letting the twist travel up the roving and it just isn't twisted enough to be obvious?

2. my joins are really thick, what am I doing wrong?

3. Just when I think I am getting it the stupid spindle unwinds the other way and drops to the floor, am I doing something wrong or do I just need to be more aware of when it starts to go the other direction?

4. When I try to park and draft the twist just stays down really close to the spindle and over twists instead of traveling up-what gives?

WHY DO THEY MAKE IT LOOK SO EASY?! I am usually a crafting genius, I can watch a video and immediately start doing something. I learned to knit (and purl) evenly in about 10 minutes using the videos on this site. I just don't understand why I am not getting this!
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