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Originally Posted by gardenmommy
To substitute for the 16 inch (which I'm guessing you use for the sleeves?), you could knit on two circulars (with needles the same size) and buy an extra set of the KnitMate tips since they are relatively cheap, I think like about 3.00 a pair. Check out the video under Advanced Techniques to see how that's done. Magic Loop would be another option.

You could probably get away with using the 29 inch instead of the 32. It's easier to "smoosh" stuff together than try to stretch it out over a longer needle.
I also was going to suggest the circular knitting on 2 circs method as shown in Amy's videos AND the great part about the needlemaster set in this situation is that you don't have to have another set of needle tips the same size. You can use the size you're going to be actually knitting with on one side of the circular and on the other side use the needle tip one size smaller. It's hard to describe but Amy describes it in the video on circular knitting on 2 circs.
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