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I have attached the pattern for the sweater if that helps at all. I am a new knitter and I watched the videos on magic loop and using two sets of circulars. If I want to use the method of two circs I need to get another set in the size I am using right? I was sort of hoping to not have to buy anything else since the needle set and yarn has dipped into my knitting budget for a little while. :( Does anyone thing magic loop would work? Will I end up cursing the sweater and chucking it? Or is magic loop easier once you get the hang of it?

I appreciate all of your suggestions already. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful and quick with your answers. You obviously know I am chomping at the bit to get started over here...and once I looked at the pattern I was bummed to think that I might have to rethink the pattern or have to wait and purchase more needles.
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