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Introducing myself
Hi, we've only been online a few months. I am somewhat technically challenged so I have trouble viewing the videos on this site, don't know whether it is me, my location(NZ), or a software problem but what I have been able to see of the videos looks really great. I am new to the world of forums, having joined my first a few weeks ago but this looks like a very active and worthwhile site.

It is great to have a place to talk to others about knitting and to share knitting problems as I don't know many people who knit. Also living in a smaller country (population approx 4 million) we don't have the wealth of resources found in Europe or United States, so not so many yarn shops and no knitting circles or classes for adults that I know of.

My nana taught me to knit when I was a teenager (well knit and purl anyway, she did everything else for me). I resumed knitting about 18 months ago when I noticed loads of girls at my daughters primary school wearing scarves made from novelty yarns - mostly in feathers, and decided to try making one for my girl. I have been knitting ever since.
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