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. -- boy; age 9/10 -- loves the Cubs, video games, board games, etc.; has been quite sick -- I'm not quite sure what would be good for this guy, but he's really a fun-loving kid. Perhaps a hat, scarf or felted clogs? Think about it and see what inspires you. His mother is also a lovely person, and she has had a lot to deal with. I don't feel like it's my place to share personal information here, but this family has really gone through a lot in the past year. Oh, and there are Dad and big brother, too.

I will take this wonderful family. I have a boy who is almost 9, so I feel closer to them- and cannot imagine what life has been like for them, but would love to do anything to brighten a day for them. I'll ask my boys for ideas- and see what we can come up with!!
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