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I have pulled it out twice... are the directions for the two color cable cast on..DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?
WIth both colors held together tie a slip knot and place on LH ndl with MC first and CC closest to the ndle tip. (OK this isn't a problem)Insert RH ndl tip between the two stich colors, and using the MC to wind around LH ndle, pull up a loop. THIS IS A PROBLEm...I KEEP wantint to put it around the right needle and pull a loop up.
IT then says...Working loosely, place that stitch on the LHndle. Insert the RH between the last two sts. on LH ndle and using the CC wind around LH ndle pull up a loop and place that stitch on the LH ndle....

HELP...I am brain dead on just doesn't see to make sense.
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