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Knit a scarf for a first project--what next?
I am new to knitting and this forum. I just finished my very first project, a simple scarf--I am wearing it while I type :D . I used size 19 needles, and Homespun (Lion brand) yarn. I cast on 12 stiches, knit the whole thing with a double strand of yarn and now it's done.
So....Now what do I make? I am wondering what would be easiest to try. I have 2 little girls and thought of making a sweater for one of them, but that seems like it might be too complicated for a second project, not to mention that by the time I finish it will be summer. Since the scarf directions consisted of just two sentences, I am still not sure of my ability to follow a "real" pattern. Any suggestions about where to go from here would be appreciated!

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