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One thing you can do is use a smaller needle. Size 10, if you're using worsted weight yarn, will make your stitches loose by nature.

Another thing to know is that loose loop at the end is one that everyone experiences--it's a stitch that's only secured on one side, so by nature it is loose. One thing to do to minimize the loose loop on the end is either to really pull the first stitch tight as you knit in on the next row, or just slip the first stitch of each row without wrapping it.

Another word of advice. Don't rip it out if you don't like the way it looks now. Give yourself a chance to practice. Even tension comes with time. Just keep knitting. Knit, all the way to the end of the ball, and then compare your stitches at the beginning to those at the end. You'll see a major difference. If you're looking for perfection the first time through, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you had your first violin lesson last week, would you expect to play Flight of the Bumblebee right away? No, you'd practice, sour notes and all.

Hang in there, it gets better, I promise.
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