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Ab fab throw pattern help please
Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure if anyone can help me, but I thought I would try.

I've been a crocheter since I was young and I've recently gotten back into it. I came across an ad for the Absolutely Fabulous throw in a crochet magazine and loved it! Once I saw that throw ad in a crochet magazine I knew I had to have it. I found one for sale on Ebay and scooped it right up!

My dilemma is that it only has the knitted patterns in the kit and I don't knit :-( I've contacted the distributor for the US and they don't support Ebay purchases. The also told me the "crochet" pattern for this throw is only available for the US.

My question is, did anyone get the crochet pattern with their kit? And if so, would you be willing to send me a copy? I know this may be a strange request from someone you don't know, but I don't know where else I can get the crochet pattern.

Thanks for your time.

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