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Boy, you guys yarn shop would love me as I knit left handed. My personal opinion is as long as whatever you are knitting comes out ok, who cares? The one thing I had to learn was not to stress out about booboos. I used to freak when I would drop a stitch etc but now, I just fix it! The yarn shops here won't help you unless you buy from them and I refuse unless it is something I can't get discount. I am not paying more for something I can get at Michaels or Hobby Lobby or even Walmarts or online. I heard of one poor lady that lives here that was given her supply list for her first class (wasn't told she had to purchase at the yarn shop) and went and got stuff at Walmarts. Showed up and they wouldn't let her take the class and told her the class fee was non-refundable and refused to give her money back to her! Caveat Empter I guess! :XX:
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