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First of all....HOW ARE YOU??? Tornados last night, scheesh, I hope you are well!

Secondly....I found it! And I just want to thank you for having me look through all those magazines.....sigh Now I have about 9? 13? 27? more project ideas!!!!! ROFL Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but between the new knitting, and crocheting projects I found there were about 12000 recipes that I had to read/jot down! LOL

It's called the "Sailor's Afghan" Worked in mauve and blue 60 x 45. The cable strips are knitted separately and then sewn onto the afghan that is 420 rows of striped stockinette. The afghan is double thick under the sewn on cables.

So why don't you email me privately and I'll mail you the magazine!
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