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Knitting the Flap
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Glad to hear that it looks good!

Is there anything you'd do right off the bat if you were going to knit it again for the waist?
I ask because I'm not really experienced and I don't want to make it if it's really big in the waist - i'll have no clue how to make it smaller.

Originally Posted by volmel
I'm done with the flirty skirt and it's blocked. I'm wearing it today, but there is one problem with it. It's the waist. The skirt is knit all one size down to the pleats. Which means it is very big in the waist. You make belt loops and run a belt through them, but it makes it bunch and it still works it way down below the belt and gapes open. So I think I'm going to pick up the stitches around the waist and knit upward and start decreasing to make it taper into a waist. That is the only problem I have with the pattern. It is a very elegant skirt and looks really professional.

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