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I know I've said this before, but I think it bears repeating, so here goes ... :D

A lot of people who are sensitive (or allergic) to wool are actually sensitive to the chemicals used to clean and process the wool and not the wool fiber itself. You might try an organic or minimally processed wool, and a soft one like merino or a merino blend or bluefaced leicester, and see how you do with that.

A couple of my favorite minimally processed wools are Blackberry Ridge Merino ( ) and Morehouse Merino ( ) -- both have beautiful colorways, too, or you can buy natural and dye your own. (Kool Aid makes for gorgeous wool dye, and it's non-toxic.) Montana Targhee is also another minimally processed wool -- one of my favorite places to find it (and get it custom dyed) is .

Marr Haven is a gorgeous organic merino blend. Also, there's Treliske, which is an organic New Zealand wool. Both very yummy and great to work with. There's also Vermont Organic and Maine Organic -- both available at -- and you can get a couple of very lovely British breed organic wools at , though you will have to pay shipping from the UK.

Hope you find something you are happy with! Don't give up on wool before you give a few a chance. Even if you do end up having problems with it, we're always happy to take delicious wool off your hands! :rofling:
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