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Grafting the Toe
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Looks great, and I admire you for making it all the way through that scarf with Homespun!!! I have a really hard time knitting with that.

Oh, and for those asking about i-cord trim. I've done a ton of it, and there's a way where you can pick up stitches & knit it directly onto a garment. It's really not difficult at all. Let me see if I can write them out as I do them.

If you already have live stitches

1. Cast 3 stitches on to the right-hand needle
2. Slip those three stitches -- as if to knit -- onto the left-hand needle
3. Knit the first two stitches
4. Knit the 3rd together with the first live stitch through the back loop
5. repeat steps 2 through 4 until you come back to where you started
6. Bind off i-cord, sew ends together.

If you don't have live stitches, you can either pick them all up before you begin, or you can pick them up as you go.

Elizabeth Zimmerman uses this a lot, and her instructions can be found in Knitting Around. I believe she has tips on making the i-cord fit better around corners, plus she may have some advice on how to seam the ends together so they look nice. I haven't had to worry about this yet since I've been using these mostly on felted bags.
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