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I started knitting in November and am having lots of fun! I picked up a ton of knitting needles (mostly straight ones) at Deseret Industries (like Goodwill). They were in great condition, cost about .35 per pair and now I have every size. It has helped me experiement with various needle sizes, yarns and stitch patterns to see what happens to the final fabric. I've made about 5 hats and 15 scarves and lots of swatches (I like to experiement) since November. I kind of want to make a sweater now and have also been experimenting with Iris Schirer's (sp?) modular knitting. I have also been adding Addi Turbos to my needle collection abiet slowly! I also learned to knit from this site. Everyone laughed when I sat in front of the computer with the needles and yarn and watched how to cast on over and over to figure it out. It was a great way to learn to knit because it doesn't make you feel as dumb as having to ask a person to show you the same thing over and over and it's available 24/7! I love this web site.
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