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I too am a knitting needle junkie. My Grammy taught me how to knit when i was about seven year's old. I'm 47 now. I still fondly remeber how she would cast on (which seemed about a hundred stiches ) for me in the morning, and by the end of the day I would have about two, maybe three stiches left. But she always told what a great job I was doing. Holes and all. When Gram passed I aquired all her needles. They are all plastic. It amazes me how she made such beuitful thing's , on such awful needles...But they are special to me. But yes , over the year I have bought just about every size needle you can think of. My prob. is I never knit one thing at a time. I have right now three thing's on the needles. So some sizes I have two , maybe three sets of. And I 'm not even going to talk about the circular. Karen
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