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Wow! I left this thread overnight and it's already flooded! So cool

What's interchangable set? I guess it's a set of needles rite? whoa never heard of that before O_o guess my local craft stores just that suck lol
Yea I'm guessing there are needles that's sold as sets, just never seen one around my area :( Maybe I'll try ebay like everyone suggests... Cuz having just TWO needles sizes just plain frustrating :( I'm gonna try the craft store on the other side of the town maybe this weekend... *cross fingers* wish me luck...

I have lots of chopsticks lying around (cuz I eat Chinese food a lot) and I'm thinking about making knitting needles from them. Any idea how to make the surface smooth?
Have anyone tried this before?

All your needles collections are amazing! I bow to all of you Master! I pledge myself to your teachings! lol
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