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Old/New KAL Hugs for Homeless Animals
Hi All,

I'm pretty new to this site, but I thought this might be a good place to let folks know about this site I've found.

(Just put the links in the "How-To" forum as it had to do with a question I had.)

But it fits in well with using up one's stash! I've been knitting (and crocheting) snuggles for homeless animals in shelters. I've not bought anything new to do it, just using up small balls & frogging 3 projects I never quite finished that have been lying around for years.
Here's a link to the Snuggles Project, hope you'll check it out.

The Snuggles Project

BTW, if you decide to do this & you go to use the pattern called Reversible Knit Snuggle, the first row's directions are wrong. You need to *reverse* the yarn in front/yarn in back direction.

Have a great day, everyone!


P.S. You *don't* have to be a member to participate in this endeavor...I simply contacted a shelter local to me and asked if they'd be interested in getting some of these...

Here's the original Hugs for Homeless Animals site's pattern library:

Hugs for Homeless Animals

I've found it's a great way to try some techniques (reversible knit, fancy pattern stitches, 2-color knitting, etc.) that I haven't attempted before!

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