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Originally Posted by knitncook
I had some wool that my mom had given me over 10 years ago. I know this wool had to be way older than that because I remember my mom knitting my brother a sweater with it when he was my son's age (and he's 35 now!) Unfortunately it had gotten too dry and kept breaking so I reluctantly chunked it.
I wonder if you coulda saved it :thinking:

I have some lambs pride I bought in the early 90's. I have been making a sweater out if it since then. Been working on it a little bit at a time. By now though I'm sick of looking at it and I don't want to even finish it. :rollseyes: I have some fisherman's wool, same verse as the first, some acrylic that I got when I first moved to Portland in 1993 and stash of some yarn (says 100% wool) in a shoebox I got at an estate sale with the original sales reciet in it from 1964.
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