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Thanks everyone for the compliments and advice, the color is lovely isn't it? Okay, I made a swatch (measuring gauge etc). Then decided to to give it a wash.

First of all the yarn is slightly 'hairy' and feels a little sticky, not sure if I should be grossed out or not - anyone have any ideas on what the stickiness is?

Okay, on to the wash test. There was absolutely no sign of felting going on, in fact the swatch could not be more bouncy, and feel less 'natural' when wet, no shrinking (or growing) going on here. On the bright side, machine washing is my favorite way to wash.

I'm still waiting for it to dry completely to figure out if it feels any softer (or less sticky) and will keep you updated if you want.

Ingrid, thanks for the suggestion on the doubling, exactly what I was thinking - although I'm a little loath to cut what could be a "sweater knit in one piece". Maybe for the second (or third) sweater - LOL.

Fem-M - Yes! It was a complete bargain, including shipping (which was expensive since it was so heavy) it was less than $30... ya get what ya pay for eh?

Kelly - House sized swatch!!!
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