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I have a suggestion but not for needles - stores! I believe that you have a couple of LYS in Co. Springs but... it's always nice to know where others are!

You may already know about these two but I discovered one of them on my recent "vacation". I went to the "Red Wheel" in Castle Rock where we were staying. It's a bit up the road for you but it is right off of 25 - the exit before the outlet mall coming up from Colorado Springs. She has a lovely selection of beautiful yarns (exotic and basic) and needles as well as spinning supplies! It was VERY quiet when we were there (right at the holidays) and I believe that I spoke with the owner. She was quite helpful and even put down her own knitting to talk with me!
If you are up for a bit of a road trip - my SIL swears that the "Strawberry Tree" is THE place to go. It's also off of 25 but more into town - on Monaco near Evans. We didn't make it to this one and I was not happy but... I heard very good things.

Good luck with the replacement needles. I would end up buying every kind until I found what I really liked but that was before all of these wonderful people with wonderful suggestions came into my life!

Take care, Ang
ps - Boy, I wish I had known that you were just down the road over Christmas!
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