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This project just really touches my heart. (Hopefully not too long sappy story to follow) When I was pregnant with my first baby, my HCG levels would never rise. My doctor kept telling me I wasn't pregnant. Even did a blood draw, but would refuse to do an u/s. We were living in a very small town with only one active OB/GYN. After 18 weeks of horrid morning sickness, swollen breasts and a definite tummy showing, I called my dh's old family doctor and he had me come in immediately. He scheduled an u/s and found out I was indeed pregnant, but the baby was in distress with a very slow heart beat. I ended up delivering my baby 3 weeks later stillborn. Unfortunately the stupid ucaring and ignorant doctor was attending that day and delivered my baby. S/He was whisked away because they felt it would be best if I didn't see her/him. I never got to hold my baby and was never given a certificate or anything to validate my baby. Many years later I again got pregnant with a baby that was stillborn, but had a totally different experience as I delivered at home with a midwife and was able to hold my itsy bitsy baby and cry over him and feel like it was all real rather than some horrid dream. I remember my midwife being ever so gentle with him and wrapping him in a small blanket which we used to bury him in later that day.

So count me in for this project! I'm sure I have plenty of stash to contribute. I'm trying hard to fathom a baby hat to fit a plum and think maybe the top of a child's sock would be a good start.
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