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Wow! I am just overwhelmed by everyone's outpouring of kindness and caring. You guys are the best! Thank you Yvonne, Carmenlbanez, Margie, Lisa, Anna, Jan, Kaye, Holly, Tab and Michelle!!

Yvonne - fetal demise pouches would be perfect. In fact, the bereavement coordinator specifically mentioned that idea. There is one on the website that Tab shared (thanks Tab!!) that I've started making and I think there are others too.

Kaye - let's see...blanket specifics. First of all, I think that anything you do, any size will be great. They don't have to be exactly 10" or 12" square, those are just sizes that they can use a lot of. You could just knit in whatever stitch pattern you like until it looks square - sort of like a big swatch! Does that help? I can be more specific with stitch patterns if you'd like. If anybody else has any ideas, please jump in!

I think a soft acrylic sport weight yarn might work best just because these babies are sooooo tiny and fragile. The acrylic would be washable too. The bereavement coordinator suggested pink, blue or green as colors. That said, I do think that they will be touched by whatever anyone makes regardless of yarn type, weight or color, so please don't let that hold anyone back! I have a full-size worsted weight cotton baby blanket that I started awhile ago that I'm going to finish up and donate along with as many other items as I can make.

Michelle - thank you for sharing your story. I am so incredibly sorry that you lost TWO babies. What a horrible way you were treated the first time around. That is just so sad. I think your idea of making a hat based on the top of a child's sock is really smart. I have been pondering just how to make such a tiny hat myself. Creating patterns is not my forte.

If anyone does come up with a pattern for a tiny baby hat or blanket, could you please post it? The link Tab posted has lots of ideas and I'll search the Internet for more.

Thanks again to everyone! By tomorrow this thread will have a new home in the KAL forum.

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