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Originally Posted by kimmie
Michelle - thank you for sharing your story. I am so incredibly sorry that you lost TWO babies. What a horrible way you were treated the first time around. That is just so sad. I think your idea of making a hat based on the top of a child's sock is really smart. I have been pondering just how to make such a tiny hat myself. Creating patterns is not my forte.
Since it was my crazy idea to use a sock I'll work something up in the next day or two and post a pattern. Thank you for the fetal demise link. Such a tender idea.

I believe that there is a lesson for everything that happens. We may not realize the lesson for years or decades to come, but I think eventually we understand how that incident affected our lives. I don't believe these things are predestined like someone says, "And today we are going to make Michelle's life really suck" but I think that these things are part of our building blocks that make us ourselves. I have three wonderful children that I have enjoyed raising and while I miss my babies I lost, I can't imagine a world with them because we wouldn't be "us" if they were here. Probably doesn't make any sense. LOL!!
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