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OH, Sara--I was waiting for someone to mention Bryspuns!! I LOVE their little 5" dpns!! I think I ordered mine from Elann....I don't think I'll ever use anything to knit socks with again but the Bryspuns--they have just the right amount of flex for me, the stitches don't slip off, yet they slide off when you knit them. I also have some little short Brittaney's (sp!) that I love!! They are either birch or bamboo--maybe birch is correct. Metal needles have NO flex at all, and they are slippery as far as stitches slipping off when you least expect it!! Metal ones I have seem especially hard on my hands!

The hardest thing I find is KEEPINGUP WITH MY DPNS!! I'm always losing one in the sofa, in my recliner, under the bed, at the doctor's office, etc. :rollseyes: I need to order more Bryspuns now, I just keep LOSING things!! Ahh!! Darn it--getting old is a PITA!!!
I'm Bluebird49 at Ravelry!!

OTN--Just socks right now. Not good at more than 1 thing at a time!
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