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New knitter, bad purls
Hiya, I am a new knitter and I need some advice. I think I have the tension okay doing a garter stitch - no gaps, no holes. But trying a stockingette, I have lots of trouble. Purling is troublesome - I cannot get my hands to do the right thing and sort of hold the yarn oddly - it works to make the stitch, but I can't keep the tension straight. (I've watched the video, but my right hand won't do what it shows.) But with practice I'll get that, I suppose. The real problem is knitting the next row: I can't get the needle into the stitch - it seems backward? Does that make sense? I tried knitting into the back of the stitch, and that's helpful, but is that right? Am I doing this all too tightly?

the end product looks the way it ought to, but it is frustrating. please advise!!
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