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GAH!!I want to TRY some so bad, but I PROMISED dh that I would not order/buy anything else until we got our budget in better shape!! We were a little reckless last year, and then when we had a large , very unexpected expense to come up, our account went too low for comfort!~! So he is not buying guitar and banjo related items, or cds, and I said I would not get anything else in the knitting or book categories!! (However, I DID see him perusing the music catalog last night for a good while!! Hmm )

So.....I guess I'll just wonder what they're like for awhile longer!! Jeff will be long outta Addis before I can try some!! :(
I'm Bluebird49 at Ravelry!!

OTN--Just socks right now. Not good at more than 1 thing at a time!
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