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I would not worry about Jeff being out of Addis - he is a distributor who just happens to distribute via e-bay.

I agree about the Addis being good for beginners. If I were to tell someone who had never knitted before what to buy, Addis would be the first thing I suggested. The quality makes knitting so much easier!
Beginners have enough to worry about without fighting their needles.

And really 14 bucks average (in the lys) isnt that big of deal.
Thats only 3 or 4 stops at starbucks, 2 or 3 fast food lunches (for one),
1 movie ticket and small drink, 2 knitting mags, 1 cd, 3 skeins cheap get the idea. Its easy to think of ways to cut your budget to fit in Addis if you really want them
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