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I got my addis! Immediately I put the half sock I had on DPNs on them and I have to tell you, doing socks on two circs is a real joy if you don't like DPNs. Finished the sock in no time at all. Although I did loose track of rows a few times because you don't stop as much and just go and go when on two circs lol

But I have to admit, addis were not all I thought they were going to be. The cable is just as twisted up as any other I've ever bought , and the join still snags somewhat on me. And twisted and boinged and got in the way just as much as the other cheaper ones I have. (not my denise's , they aren't small enough).
I know I can soak the cable in hot water, but for that kind of money, they should have to have that done for me! LOL

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