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Originally Posted by brendajos
well it made perfect sense to me...i sold gardenmommy some of my kureyon and the money was sitting there in my paypal account. couldn't just leave it sit there ya know....sheesh. of course it wasn't 10 addis worth of kureyon but my logic says that half the needles were free!
I'm glad you didn't have 10 Addis worth of Kureyon, you may have gotten me for that too! :rofling: I have been gazing longingly upon my Kuyeon since it came in the mail today though.

If ya'll don't stop this Addi talk, I may have to consider some too, looking at the size 0 and 1 since those are the only brand of circs I've seen that small, like for socks and such.

And I do have Jeff bookmarked.
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