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WIP: Tubey
Okay here is the first sleeve! Yay! My colors are asparagrass, cinnamon (brown), moss (dk. green), and RHUBARB (pink--i *love it*) merino style.

The first pic looks like there's a jog in the brown/green... well there WAS one, but I fixed it with duplicate stitch and now it looks better.

Instead of knitting in the round, I turned it inide out and purled int he round, because (for me) purrlingis faster and I have to move my hands less. In the st st park, where it is flat, I can see more stitch inconsistancies, but once the round part started and I was always purling, that didn't happen anymore.

Stanley decided I should take pictures of him instead, so there's one of him posing on my sleeve and then one of him singing a lil kitty song about my tubey :-)
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