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Oh, how funny!!! I am working with this SAME PATTERN. It's a hand towel for my mom though.

I'm doing OK with it (I have a toddler too), but only because I only work on it during nap times or in the evenings.

I wrote down the pattern, and I have been very fortunate that I always end up leaving off someplace that's easily remembered, like after row 3 or when I'm done with the pattern repeat.

It's a really cool looking pattern. Oh sure... mine has a few "personalized touches" as well! That individual flair means it will be worth millions someday, right?

I am still getting the hang of following a pattern... I have a hard time with it. I have to type it up, line by line, print it out, and check off each line. I don't know how anyone does it any other way... I guess once you've been knitting longer, there's more of a zen with the object and you can tell at a glance where you're at, maybe?
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