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Button hole help
Im working on a pattern from Lion Brand.
I am having trouble working my button whole row.
The instructions read "starting on right side row k,p,k,yo,k2tog, continue in pattern to end of row" fair enough. But no matter how hard I try I keep ending up 1 stitch short. Which of course whacks out the pattern.
I have tried starting on both the right side and the wrong side (ya never know).

The only thing I can think of is that I am not knitting the right 2 together.

I had been assuming that the YO created the missing stich from the K2 together on the return row. But perhaps I am supposed to knit the YO and the NEXT stitch together on the working row?

Or should I just increase another stitch after the k2tog?

AHHHH!!! This is my very first button hole - actually, with all my frogging this is my 5th round on the same button hole lol

Help please!
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