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Christening Gown
first off, on codine right forgive the mistakes...of ALL kinds... gf wants MEEEEEEEEEe to make the Christening gown. She's picked out the pattern, AND The yarn...the yarn...ICK BLECK YUCK. But SHE likes it.....Ok, I'm the I just suck up and make it work???

OR... tell her (which IS really the truth anyway) that the yarn called for is a fingering weight yarn, and just pick out something that is MUCH better??? Still in the bright white? And if that is the case...what would be best for a gown in a fingering weight yarn? It calls for size 3 and 5 needles....Not too terribly sure that the Patons is a quality yarn. I was thinking cotton...???? He will most likely be a premie baptized in the hopital, adn this will be for a church service dedication....

The pattern has a hat, gown and booties, that are SOOOOO beautiful....

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