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my mother sure would think so....

the gown is beautiful, and out of a book I gave to her to pick from. I am going to make the cover sweater, and told her I'd make her what ever else she wanted...and she picked that. I was tickled, as she has two boys, and wasn't sure if there was a communal gown, or if each had their own, adn I don't feel it is something you can ask TO make??? does that make sense??

I have this never ending poncho...working on the end of the 3rd skein, have the 4th to go before it's over, a pair of socks, the quilt for the girl scout leader (I however, am giving myself 2 weeks for that from start to finish) and THEN I can start it. I am SOOOO trying to be monogomous when I knit...but it just doesn't seem to be working!!!

So...who makes a good cotton? Cost isn't really a matter...really...(much??)....nah...I dont' want to worry about it.

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