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Gee, what did she pick?

I have a terrible time finding nice fingering weight yarn.
(But I don't shop on line. I gotta feel it first.)
Caron's or Coat's just doesn't cut it with me. There's a couple other brands that I can't even remember the name, I hated 'em so much.

I've used Sinfonia cotton (Hobby Lobby) and it was pretty nice to work with. It's a little bit thicker than DK. The lable calls for size 4 US needles, but it doesn't give a recommended gauge.

A friend from the UK brought me some yarn from 'cross the pond, and I have used the Patons Fairytale, 3ply fingering weight.
It was made in Scottland. I loved it!

Currently I'm knitting with a worsted weight Patons yarn that is "okay". I'm not doing cartwheels over it, but I don't hate it. It's made in Canada.

Definately check the recommended gauge on the yarn against the pattern. That might be your "out" with her yarn selection.
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