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Hi all, I am new here actually I joined awhile back and found this site very helpful. But because I was having such difficulty I decided I should take a break from trying and now I want to try again. I even bought some new yarn and new plastic needles from joann fabric yesterday. I bought a thicker yarn and size 15 needles. I thought maybe my problem was too skinny of yarn and too tiny of needles. Well anyway back to my question I am going on an airplane this weekend, by myself, to go an help my mom while my dad is in the hospital having an operation. (he has a brain tumor, this is 2nd surgery) anyway I thought great time to bring my stuff so that I could practice on the plane in the hosp. you know. So can I take my needles on the plane? I looked up the TSA website and it said they are permitted. But looking through other sites some have had luch others have had to give them up. I was wondering what you experience is, I will be flying United from Chicago. Thanks again for all of your help.
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