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Well...I confess...
Well, I confess that what got me started in loaning her my car in the first place was the fact that I was too tired/lazy/indignant to get up on my day off to give her a ride. So its partially my fault. (But I work 2 jobs and live with my disabled mother)

While we are right outside D.C. (approx 20 minutes or so) the area is a bit rural and what little public transportation thats available is so limited as to be of no help at all in this situation. (I even called about route changes!!!)

As for her buying a car... she is having a tough time feeding herself let alone purchasing a car.

I guess I am going to have to have a sit down with her. *sigh*

And I'll try to refrain from throttling her. but I won't try TOO hard. Thank you all for the advice. It has helped tremendously.

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