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I love the Wildfoote sock yarns. They feel good to work with and have worn well. I started writing about this yesterday and got distracted by some needing child. I made up a pair of socks using Knitpick's Palette. Never again! It does not wear well for socks. My socks are already falling apart. It's very soft and I'd make mittens or baby items with it, but never again socks. The bottoms are felting and the stitches along the decreases are pulling open. :( I worked so hard on those socks and wear my socks. These are the first socks I have had that haven't lived up to being worn.

I did knit a pair of socks for my daughter from Knipick's Dancing and they are holding up just nicely, so I think *sock* yarn will wear better because it is made for socks and therefor should hold up more. I just wanted something other than stripes.
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