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I've had this argument with HL about their vaguely worded ads. Once it was over rubberstamps. The ad said "50% off Rubberstamps" Not "open stock" or "excludes sets" Another time it was on "Novelty Yarns" The cashier was only giving discounts on eyelash yarn. :rollseyes: This would not a problem if HL stores would go computerized with their inventory and check out. I've rarely run into a problem at Michael's or JoAnn's because they scan something and the computer goes, "Oh this falls into the sales category. I must discount it deeply for the customer." I've been overcharged several times at HL because the cashier will ring something in for $14.90 instead of $1.49. Fortunately I've always caught it before I've written the check. Check out takes forever at HL!
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