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How tragic! We recently were doing some redecorating and I took down the smoke detectors that are in our house. They were filled with years of grime and dust. We had never been up that high, so hadn't paid any attention to them other than to change their batteries. We immediately ran to Home Depot and bought new detectors for the whole house. My dh is a former firefighter and he was having a panic attack that while they would go off when we would hit the test button that they may not have functioned had we had a fire (a real and dangerous possiblity here during hurricane season!) So not only should you change the batteries, but you should also check to make sure that they are clean and will go off if you burn something! You should have one for every bedroom, the hallway, the main living areas (living rooms dens) and a kitchen alarm which is less sensitive (so a smattering of something won't set it off) and has a "false alarm" button so you can make the noise stop without removing the battery.
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