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Is this an error in the pattern?
I just started working on a pattern from "knitting on the road".

The first 11 rows repeat the following pattern:

P1,*[k1, p1, k2, p1, k1, p2] 3 times, k2, p2; repeat from*, ending p1

The trouble is that this is a 56 stitch cast on. This pattern does not fit in the 56 stitches. As I read the pattern anyway. I even charted it out so it would be as clear as possible.

What I want to know is - the pattern as it reads includes the final k2 and p2, end in p1. But if you chart if out you see that you can only include the final k2. You can not p2 and end in p1.

I am not too bright at following patterns. I get lost pretty quickly.
If anyone can offer help?


ps - if you have the book the pattern is Denmark
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