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Re: Is this an error in the pattern?
Originally Posted by quirky
P1,*[k1, p1, k2, p1, k1, p2] 3 times, k2, p2; repeat from*, ending p1
Hmmmm, it works out for me.

So the P1, before the *, you only do on the first repeat, right??

Then the k1p1k2p1k1p2 three times, k2p2 = 28 stitches
k1p1k2p1k1p2 three times, k2p1 (ending last repeat with p1 instead of p2) = 27 stitches

So you have the first p1 (before the *), 28 stitches, then 27 stitches equals 56 stitches.

Does that help??
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