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well, oddly, i don't read the blogs unless someone specifically links to a picture on there or something along those lines. I can't get beyond the idea that it is like reading someone's diary and i know that is kind of the point it still makes me feel Plus there are just so many of them that i can't fathom how little work i would get done if i actually took the time to read that too!!!

i don't do the picture threads until i see that a new page is up and then i quickly do them all at once. So if i don't respond it isn't that i wasn't impressed, amazed, or amused (depending on which picture thread i am looking at at the moment) it's just that i am crashing through all of them at once!

i don't read threads where the subject line doesn't interest i am not interested in making sweaters right i rarely read those threads. mostly because whenever i have, i haven't known how to help or what was being discussed anyway! :rollseyes:

and all i can think is that if i did read alllll the threads i would probably have some ridiculous number of posts under my belt....ya know like...10k+! :rofling:
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