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OT - coupla questions for bloggers
I've only been doing my blog for a few weeks and there are a couple of things I'm still trying to figure out; both of them have to do with buttons.

1 - I want to include more buttons in my sidebar. But I'm confused about saving to my own server. I have some buttons saved to my desktop. Do I need to then upload them to a photo host, like flickr? Or can I somehow upload them directly to blogger? If I can upload them directly to blogger, can someone tell me how? If not, then do I just link to a flickr page? I'm very confused about this and don't want to steal anyone's bandwidth.

2 - How can I make my own button, with a graphic in it? I looked at a couple of free buttonmaker sites, but they all seemed to be about colors and fonts. I want a small simple graphic on my button but am at a loss as to how to create it.

Could anyone help me figure this stuff out?

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