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Working the Gusset
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Shaping neck/shoulders
I am making "grace" from and need some help. This is the pattern:

Shape Neck and Shoulders:

Next row:
BO 7[7, 8, 9], p to end.

Next row:
BO 7[7, 8, 9], k 29[31, 32, 35], BO 19[19, 21, 21], k to end.
Place first 29[31, 32, 35] sts on a holder and cont working left side of back only.

*Next row: BO 6[7, 7, 8] sts, P to end.
Next row: BO 5 sts, K to end.*
Rep from * to * once more.*
BO rem. 7[7, 8, 9] sts, break yarn.
Return holder sts to working needle, join yarn and work as for left side, reversing shaping.

I am stuck as to what to do after putting the stitches back on the needle. Join yarn to what? There is no "tail" so what do I do. In reversing, do purl and then BO the last 6 stitches (starting from *)?

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