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Re: how much better are the addi turbos?
Originally Posted by bjc1050
Originally Posted by geekgolightly
i only have one pair of circ. addi turbos size 8. i really do like them, but to try adn get all of the circs in addi turbo is just WAY out of my price range. i would like to get boyles or denises (it will probably have to be boyloes so my dog doesnt chew up the plastic ones) but will they frustrate me beyond belief? how much worse can it be or is it worse at all?

At our Ben Franklin store, the most expensive SusanBates Silvalume circulars are $6.95. I'm willing to bet that they are just as good as Addi's. Ben Franklin seems to have the best size selection of them.

There are a lot of people here who have said wonderful things about the Silvalumes. I have never seen them that I recall and no Ben Franklin stores in my area anymore... :( (I loved Ben Franklin when I was little!) I would definitely consider trying them too!
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