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I miss you guys...
Has anyone noticed that I disappeared??!?!?! I miss you guys so much...

We moved into our new house a week ago and things are going well although I'm still searching through boxes each morning to find my shoes for work...LOL... The only problem we've had is that something about our alarm system is interferring w/ our DSL service and the previous owners didn't leave the key to the alarm box so the phone company is having a hard time getting it all worked out....I didn't realize how much I use the internet until I we didn't have it!!! Hopefully all will be worked out by Thursday won't be long and I'll be back posting away....

I've been working hard on the compassionate knitting items...ittybitty baby items as I call them...the little hats I'm making are breaking my heart!

I've already met a knitter in the neighborhood so I haven't been too lonely...she came by last night and asked me to show her how to use a circular needle...she's teaching herself and has made nothing but scarves in garter stitch...

I hope everyone is doing well...I feel like I've lost my best friends...:( I'll be back soon though! HUGS!!

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