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KH Monthly Challenge--March!
It's a little early, but I'll be on a plane tomorrow, so I had to post tonight!

In honor of March, the third month, and the month of St. Patrick's Day, your challenge is.....


I finally settled on THREE, because of the 3-leaf clover which is known as a symbol of Ireland (to me, anyway) and St. Patrick's Day. March being the third month just added to the drama :-)

March third is an interesting day in itself: it is National Anthem Day, AND Alexander Graham Bell's birthday.

Some things to knit for THREE:
Something with 3 stripes (clogs, hat, wristwarmers)
A shamrock (intarsia on a hat, scarf, cuff.... maybe a shamrock pin)
Something with 3 colors (booga bag, sweater)
A pair of socks and a half a pair (maybe that abandoned pair could be finished, hmmm?)
Three Chemo Kid Hats (dotmom will love you!)
Applique a shamrock on a sweater sleeve
Go extra-Irish and knit something with three CABLES
Three scarves-- knit three bobbie scarves for Woman's History Month!

Here is a link to knitting pattern central shamrock patterns

Extra points for throwing some green in there!

Happy knitting!!!
I'm back!
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